Video Chat as a Tool of Foreign Language Practice

One of the most important opportunities that the Internet provides for the study of foreign
languages is the ability to communicate with native speakers. Speaking practice is especially
important for beginning interpreters and students of linguistic universities. It is not enough just to
have a large vocabulary and know grammar to learn to speak a foreign language. Everyday
practice is a crucial element of successful language learning. And video chatting with foreigners
will help users to become more self-confident.


Every student or beginning translator knows about such a notion as the language barrier. It is a
natural fear to speak unless you can perfectly know all the theory, grammar and other language
aspects. This barrier can be overcome only by means of constant practice. That’s why it is
important to find a foreigner who will communicate with you and help to improve your skills. In
such cases, a video random chat is what you need.


The Advantages of Learning Languages in Video Chats

The languages are so popular nowadays that only the laziest people do not start learning them.
Moreover, due to the opportunity to travel and communicate with other peoples, language skills
become an indispensable element of everyday life. These are the plusses that video chat rooms
give users who want to learn a new language.


  • It is unknown who will be your interlocutor
You do not know who will be your interlocutor in the random chat. Some people feel relaxed
and are not afraid of speaking with mistakes. Since you do not know the person, you won’t be


  • Useful expressions and tips
Native speakers can tell you about some useful phrases, set expressions, which are common in
their countries. Moreover, they will point your strong and weak sides, assess the language


  • Language peculiarities
When listening to native speakers in video chat rooms, people can hear some peculiarities of
pronunciation, word order. It is a well-known fact that there are some many dialects of one
language in the world. Thus, for instance, if a person learns English, he/she will understand
British Ascent. At the same time, it will be difficult for him/her to hear a single word when they
go to Scotland or Australia. It happens due to the variety of dialects. Using the video chat for
communication with foreigners from different countries, users will be able to catch the essence
of speech and distinguish various ascents.


Regular communication with native speakers is an excellent opportunity to improve your
language skills. And video chatting will help you to do it.

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